Saskatchewan Building Trades Collective Agreements

I hope that every local union and every business can participate in supporting this program, so that we can enable these groups to play a greater role, both in the workplace and in our communities. “I have always worked to help Indigenous youth do their best and develop a strong career plan. I`ve seen first-hand how trades offer a person the opportunity to move forward and succeed,” Daniels said. I would like to seize the opportunities available to crafts and help people overcome all the barriers – seen or invisible – that have prevented them from working in the construction sector. In my new role in Build Together, I can use my passion to help people create this space and opportunity for under-represented people in the construction industry. » Jobs, Career, Crafts and Training Contacts:For a list of contacts in any construction craft office or to learn more about jobs, trades, training and career, click here! Daniel`s immediate next steps will be to create an Indigenous Steering Committee that will identify existing barriers for Indigenous peoples, not only to enter the craft, but also to successfully train and find work as a certified journeyman.