Ventura County Memorandum Of Agreement

“The County Executive Board has enjoyed working productively with SEIU leaders and negotiating team members to reach the new agreement, which provides SEIU employees with higher salaries and enhanced benefits that are competitive in the region and that allow sustainability for the county`s economic future,” said Mike Powers, Executive Director of the county. “Our employees are our largest asset, and the county looks forward to moving forward after the ratification and approval of the agreement, as it continues to work to serve the people of Ventura County.” Negotiations to review an agreement following the 2016-2019 Memorandum of Understanding between SEIU Local 721 and Ventura County began on September 16, 2019. The nature of the negotiations was an important factor in the parties reaching an agreement on Thursday, November 21, 2019, after only 12 meetings. SEIU membership is the largest of the 11 unions representing county employees. Landkreis used a rigorous data-based approach when negotiating the contract. Detailed five-year financial forecasts have been developed to assess the sustainability of compensation increases. To prepare for and during the negotiations, landkreis examined economic forecasts and indicators such as national and regional inflation and wage growth rates and conducted a comprehensive survey to offset the participation of 11 comparable public employers. The affordability of health care was at the centre of the negotiations. Increases and changes in health premiums will help stabilize and maintain the cost of health care for county staff over the life of the contract. The new three-year contract with the union asks: Tags: Service Employees International Union Local 721 Ventura County IHSS – In-Home Supportive Services Public Authority . .

IUOE – International Union of Operating Engineers . VCPFA – Ventura County Professional Firefighters Association . CJAAVC – Criminal Justice Attorneys Association of Ventura County Management/Cleric Confidentialal/Unrepresented Others.