The Four Agreements And Addiction

Living life to the fullest and having gratitude for the gifts in your life will allow you to live free from fear and open your mind, body and soul to begin your healing process. Practicing the four chords in our lives is part of our process of growth and change. We can transform our reality for the better by combining agreements on a daily basis in order to achieve a calmer way of life. If we are able to replace these negative agreements with new, more hopeful agreements, we will be able to create our own reality using the four chords in our daily lives. At Cedars, we believe in a holistic, welcoming and individualized approach to addiction treatment. To learn more about how we treat the body, mind and mind in our trial addiction treatment program, please visit our website. To speak to a member of our admissions service, to get information about home addiction treatment for yourself or for a loved one, please contact us. To learn more about Don Miguel Ruiz`s four agreements and offers, please visit the author`s website. Here`s another example: for centuries, we`ve made the agreement that suffering is inevitable (or worse- “life sucks, then you die”). The agreement to believe in suffering is so much part of our consciousness that we do not even question it. All the agreements, consciously and unconsciously, that we have inherited form our belief system. Our belief system controls our lives.

Ruiz says that if we want to change our lives, we have to change our agreements. “The Four Agreements” is a book by best-selling author Don Miguel Ruiz. Popular and influential, this book says that the way people think and act has everything to do with the “agreements” they make with themselves. These agreements could also be described as belief systems or entrenched attitudes. While people drink or do drugs, their attitudes are often negative or selfish. The four agreements offer alternative life, thought and language opportunities that are more in line with a healthy and happy lifestyle. These are the four chords outlined by Don Miguel Ruiz: be with your word – the first agreement is on Derein, one of the hallmarks of drug and alcoholism. Dependence is sometimes accompanied by dishonesty, manipulation, omission and concealment.