Part Time Agreement Form

Non-competition (or non-competition clause): A non-compete clause prevents the worker from working for the company`s direct competitors during and after the end of the employment relationship. As a general rule, non-competition obligations last for a certain period of time after termination and must meet certain requirements that must be applied, for example. B respect for an appropriate geographical location. Confidentiality clauses may be unlimited (until information through a third party enters the public domain) or have an expiry date (for example. B 2 years after the end of the contract). 5. All-you-can-eat jobs. Any contracting party may, at any time, terminate the agreement in writing, for some reason or reason. This agreement should be regarded as a work agreement of concern and is not a guarantee of continued employment for a fixed period of time. > The Lectric Law Library┬« “Free Legal Forms” Employment Legal Forms ” Employee Part-time or Search The Library This work agreement was here and about [employer name], employer and [worker`s name]. The employer and the employee agree that the employer agrees to employ part-time workers and the worker agrees to work part-time or part-time for the employer in the following position [inserting job titles]. Employment begins on [date]. The worker`s duties and responsibilities include: [primary to-do and responsibilities list here] Both parties agree that the above list of tasks and responsibilities is not exhaustive and may be amended, amended or extended at the discretion of the employer.

The employee`s work schedule varies according to the employer`s needs. As a part-time or part-time worker, the worker is not entitled to participate in ancillary benefits or pension plans. The worker understands that part-time/time status does not give the worker a special consideration for permanent or full-time employment. The contract is governed by the laws of the state [state] By accepting a job, you agree not to disclose confidential information about that company, any person employed by that company or our clients who have learned it in the course of your employment, to persons outside that company during and after your period of employment. This is an unauthorised job that can be terminated without reason and without notice. Only the president of the company has the power to change the terms of your employment. The employee`s starting salary is [$] per hour. With the exception of salary increases at the employer`s discretion, the terms of this agreement remain in effect until the employer`s written amendment and signature. Date of this [day] of the [month], [year] – The employer takes into account the requirement to give part-time workers the same rates of pay and benefits as full-time workers.

11. Full agreement. This agreement defines the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement and replaces all previous written agreements and agreements and arrangements, neither expressive nor tacit.