Nightingale And Anna Agreement

Roland still remembered the relieved look on his face when she appeared tiny in front of him after two days. He knew that his change had to be linked to the secret agreement between her and Anna. GregLuck No, I read until he confessed his love to the first witch around 500 chappys anna…. And I was too sad to know more… cuz I love other witches and mc should take care of them! Especially… Nightingale…. Such a nice girl…. Zong_Yang you read the last chapter? Up to ch 610, there is little chance of having a real harem, while a one-sided love is still strong with Rossignol. For now, only Anna is his wife. She is jealous of Anna`s intimate relationship with Roland and often wishes she had met Roland first. Much of this jealousy is put aside when Roland Anna admits that he also loves Rossignol, so she and Anna reach an unknown agreement. Unlike previous winters, this winter was peaceful.

He wanted to take advantage of this rare opportunity to hold both his coronation ceremony and his wedding, which would increase the morale of his subjects without costing him too much effort. Nightingale appeared first before Roland, when he was alone in his room. She thanked him for sparing Anna and expressed her wish to get her and Nana out of the border town to be part of the Witch Cooperation Association. To their surprise, the two witches refused to leave Roland. She had no choice but to stay and observe it because she felt she did not know what to expect. [3] “If I had told you, they would have been killed a long time ago.” Roland took his cup of tea and took a sip. “What is it? We now have a legitimate heir. Isn`t that a better way to solve the problem? In the winter, when she turned 14, her parents mysteriously disappeared on the way to food for the hungry people of Silver City. A few days after her disappearance, Veronica and her little brother Hyde were sent to the house of their uncle, Mr. Gilen.

As one mc said, “A prostitute is trying to pass for a virgin.” It`s contemptuous. “It`s… Because you need an heir,” Barov said urgently. Everyone knows that a witch can never give you a child. There`s a war on the horizon. If an unexpected misfortune were to happen to you, the other nobles would covet your throne. An heir will make your people feel safe. Barov stopped for a moment before adding: “If you just want to be with Lady Anna, you don`t really need to marry her. He did not answer me. Alew asked the same thing and his answer was. Roland produced a packet of delicious dried fish from the drawer and put it on the desk, then put a new drink in a sky blue bottle and filled a glass of Nightingale.

Roland said, “Thank you for your help. Agatha told me that if you hadn`t seriously hurt this monster, everyone would have been in danger. A member of the Witches` Union who helps Anna build the industry. Anna is able to melt better pieces thanks to Lucia Metall in purer material. Later, she will help Anna at the High Energy Lab by cleaning uranium. Anna encourages Lucia, who sometimes doubts the usefulness of her magic. Anna`s sister-in-law. The two get along almost immediately, because Anna`s treasure trove of knowledge (courtesy of Roland`s modern memories) and Tilly`s own intelligence are magically strengthened.