Learning Agreement Ucm

Once we have approved your apprenticeship agreement, the “matrecula” will be the document that should be transferred to your faculty`s Erasmus office, which will determine which courses you will be studying officially. For more information, please contact your faculty`s Erasmus office. At UCM, the minimum program for full-time students is 30 ECTS points for one semester and 60 ECTS points for two semesters. Please read the previous question. We will also explain it on the day of the reception. What documents should I bring to the Erasmus office? Do I have to complete the UCM or university learning agreement? Can I study courses that are part of the Master`s? An UCM credit is 10 hours of classes. For more information, please contact the Erasmus coordinator of your UCM faculty. For more information, please contact your Erasmus office at UCM. You need your apprenticeship agreement and, if necessary.

Participate in your arrival and departure certificate. Only students appointed to UCM faculties can study two courses outside their faculty (i.e. 2 full courses, i.e. 2 subjects in the first semester and 2 subjects in the second semester). However, these courses must be different from those of the SAME faculty, i.e. a student appointed to the Faculty of Chemistry and the student wishes to study two courses at the Faculty of Biology. Can I study other courses outside of my faculty? Where can I find information about my faculty courses? Yes, there is an Erasmus office in all faculties. Emails and contact numbers from all Erasmus offices can be accessed at: These courses are not eligible for the apprenticeship agreement, as they do not award ECTS points. At our university, we have English courses please check out the following link.

For further questions, please contact us erasmus1@ucm.es or erasmus2@ucm.es. You can do either the UCM or your university. This is the contract that contains the details of the student`s proposed studies at the UCM: After the end of the semester or academic year, the Erasmus office of the UCM sends your documents to your Erasmus coordinator at your home university. Yes, the UCM has a Centro Superior from Idiomas Modernos (CSIM) for more information. Yes, first of all, we need the approval of your Erasmus coordinator at your home university and the approval of the Erasmus office of the UCM.