Iwi Agreements In Principle

Summary of the agreement in principle between the Crown and the Te Hiku Forum for the payment of the historical claims of the five iwi of the Te Hiku Forum (Ngéti Kuri, Te Aupouri, Ngéi Takoto, Te Rarawa and Ngéti Kahu) There will also be a series of agreements with the Department of Conservation, the Minister of Primary Industry, the Ministry of Innovation and Employment, the Museum of New Zealand (Te Papa Tongawera), the Department of Internal Affairs (Te Tariwhenua), the Ministry of Culture and Heritage (Manata Taonga) and the Ministry of Culture and Heritage (Manata Taonga) and the Ministry of The Environment. On the basis of these historical reports, the Crown will recognize that some of its acts or omissions against Te Tiriti o Waitangi /the Treaty of Waitangi and its principles are contrary. The Crown will then offer each iwi, in its respective counting documents, an apology for the crown violations recognized against Te Tiriti o Waitangi / the Waitangi contract and its principles. This agreement defines in principle the common recourse to Te Hiku o Te Ika (i.e. remedies that are not exclusively subject to one of the five Te Hiku iwi). Most of the cultural recourse that will be made available to Te Hiku iwi is sketched or outlined in agreements between the Crown and the individual Te Hiku iwi. This agreement defines cultural protection in areas where Te Hiku iwi has common interests. This cultural remedy includes the following elements: contract negotiations between the Crown and Te Hiku iwi began when the report on the territory of Waitangi Was published in 1997. During the 2000s, negotiations were largely conducted on an individual basis and agreements in principle were signed with Te Aupouri (2004), Te Rarawa (2007) and Ngéti Kahu (2008). A total financial quantum of $120 million, plus non-compound interest, from the date the agreement is in principle signed until the settlement date.

The agreements include comprehensive comparative packages including crown excuses as well as financial, commercial and cultural remedies. Maniapoto today signed an agreement in principle with the Crown to settle historic contractual rights. Contract Negotiations Minister Chris Finlayson welcomed the signing: “Today`s agreement is a great achievement and reflects the positive and principled negotiating approach adopted by Whakathea`s leaders and negotiators. Obviously, the counting decision is the ultimate goal, along with the housing laws. Following the agreement in principle, the groups will work on the implementation of a signed counting deed detailing all remedies to be put in place in a comprehensive and final settlement of the iwi Group`s historical claims.