Amazon Pay Merchant Agreement

2.2.2 Respect for the rules. You will comply with our card processing policies, procedures and instructions, as published on our website or Seller Central, or made available to you from time to time. As a precondition for accepting cards that use the service, associations require you to commit to all applicable association rules and rules as these rules and rules may be changed from time to time, are made available to you or are generally publicly available (including distributors` rules published on and (“association rules”). By using the service, you agree to respect the rules of the association. Unless association rules permit, you (a) will not set limits below which you will not accept a card (unless the law allows it) or (b) spend cash on the card transaction. 2.3 Executing orders. Subject to the terms of this agreement, we process payments and refunds for your transactions that are submitted through the service. You are responsible for all information about the products or services you sell (for example. B product names or descriptions, product notifications or disclaimers, price, availability or product status, shipping and processing costs and taxes) (together “Product Information”) and for the provision of detailed and complete product information to customers. We determine when we process payments and refunds of your transactions in accordance with applicable legislation.

You are the record seller for all sales you make with the service. We may withhold your transactions, which we suspect of fraudulently, illegally or otherwise violating under the terms of this Agreement, or refuse to process them. We process a transaction that you initiate correctly and that you authorize within a business day. We may refuse to carry out a transaction if it does not meet the terms of that agreement or if it is prohibited by law. If we refuse to make a transaction, we will inform you (unless the law prohibits it) of the refusal within the legal time limit for the processing of this transaction and, if possible and applicable, of the reasons for our refusal and the procedure for correcting the factual errors that led to the refusal. Any transaction we refuse is deemed not to be received for the purposes of turnaround times and liability in the event of non-execution or improper execution. If we do not execute or execute a transaction incorrectly, we will immediately endeavour, upon request, to follow it. We will inform you of the result free of charge. 8.2 Stamps.

Subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement and if your distributor account is in good condition: we grant you a non-exclusive revocable right, non-transferable, non-transferable, to use “Amazon,” “Amazon Payments,” “Advanced Payments,” “Advanced Payments,” “Pay with Amazon,” “Amazon Pay” and other related designs, graphics, logos, page titles, icons, scripts and service names (brands) that we take exclusively in accordance with our walking policies and other documents that we can put to arrangement from time to time. You cannot use the trademarks unless this is allowed and those rights are not under-licensed or otherwise do not allow a party to use the trademarks. You recognize that we and our related companies are the sole owners of the trademarks and you agree not to do anything that is incompatible with this property. All goods or funds that result from your use of trademarks will benefit exclusively from us and our related companies. Our brands and affiliate brands should not be used in relation to products or services that are not with us, in a way that may lead to confusion, or in a way that denigrates or discredits our related companies. We can revoke your license at any time. At the end or expiry of this agreement, you will stop using the marks immediately.