Driven by the NYC Rave Scene and his insatiable love for keeping parties fresh, DJ Atom C was born and bred as the underground scene’s jack of all trades. Since he began spinning at the tender age of thirteen, Atom C has been able to craft a clean and talented style void of sloppy beats to deliver a harmonically accurate mix. He has played across the east cost of the USA, hitting major cities like Miami, Washington DC, and New York City, to rural areas in Pennsylvania or as far north as Syracuse. He has headlined in clubs such as Webster Hall, Pacha, Governors island, Rebel (now known as Slake), Amazura, as well as many warehouses without names. Not only is he an experienced DJ, he is also passionate about the scene. He was previously Head Staff of NYCRavers & Digital Distortion and has now moved on to create The ArorA Project. His Responsibilities include but are not limited to, Flyer design, Web design, Video editing & Special effects, Club & Stage lighting, Promotion, and anything else needed to throw a banging party. As soon as the sun sets he is always helping plan and promote parties for all to enjoy. DJ Atom C is here to stay with his unique ability to flawlessly flow between genres and read the crowd in order to keep the party moving until the sun comes up.